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Jay Dusenbury

Senior Technical Expert
CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center (formerly TARDEC)

He is currently the Senior Technical Expert for the US Army Futures Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s Force Projection Technology Area and has been involved in the Army’s water research and development program for over 20 years. Current areas of focus include the development and demonstration in a field environment of technology to produce water from atmospheric humidity, technology to recycle gray water from laundries and showers, and technology for small portable high recovery water purification systems. Previously led and supported water research in the areas of membrane, separation, adsorbent, desalination, and water treatment and generation technologies. These projects included humidity concentration from air using surface modified activated carbons, pressure induced water condensation, water from air using variable surface chemistry, enhanced membrane separations through boundary layer control and membrane/spacer chemistry, forward osmosis, alternative desalination technology using electrostatics, electric fields, magnetic fields, carbon nanotube flow through capacitors, and mesoscopic heat transfer, and novel disinfection technologies using mixed oxidant generation. Participated as an Army subject matter expert for the Marine Corp Logistics in Support of Distributed Operations Roadmap and several DARPA water purification and generation programs.

Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel members have been carefully chosen for their knowledge and experience. Each member scores and comments on the submissions assigned to them. Each valid submission will receive five sets of reviews that have been statistically normalized. Informed by the resulting ranking of submissions with consideration to diversity of solutions, up to five Finalists will be named.