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Mike Mickley

Mickley & Associates LLC

Michael Mickley, P.E., Ph.D., is President of Mickley & Associates LLC.  Dr. Mickley has been conducting research and working with clients in the field of desalination treatment since 1966.  Since 1990 most of Mickley & Associates’ efforts have involved addressing challenges of concentrate/brine treatment and management. Work projects have been split between consulting with engineering companies and utilities and conducting research projects funded by Bureau of Reclamation, AwwaRF, Office of Naval Research, WRRF, DOE, USDA, and WRF. Dr. Mickley is an internationally recognized expert in brine management, reviews papers for various Journals, and is an advisor to BlueTech Research, an international water market intelligence company.

Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel members have been carefully chosen for their knowledge and experience. Each member scores and comments on the submissions assigned to them. Each valid submission will receive five sets of reviews that have been statistically normalized. Informed by the resulting ranking of submissions with consideration to diversity of solutions, up to five Finalists will be named.