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Meet The Finalists

Finalists will be awarded $115,000 each to build a functioning prototype within an eleven-month period.

AIL Research
BrineZero: Opening new water resources through cost-effective waste-brine disposal
Hopewell, NJ
BrineZero can achieve the aggressive goal of concentrating brine at under $3.50 per cubic meter through an innovative, highly efficient thermal distillation process.
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Membrion, Inc.
Ceramic ion exchange membranes towards scaling resistant electrodialysis reversal
Seattle, WA
Electrodialysis reversal (EDR), enhanced by scaling resistant ceramic ion exchange membranes, can lead to as much as 99.2% water recovery at < 4 kW/m3 when combined with RO.
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Olin -- Harmony -- MIT
Batch RO with a flexible bladder: high recovery without scaling
Cambridge, MA
Batch reverse osmosis recovers water from scaling-prone RO concentrate by operating in brief cycles that are too short for scalants to nucleate.
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Pacifica Water Solutions, LLC
Groundwater Desalination Using Electrically Conducting Reverse Osmosis (ECRO) Anti-Scaling Membranes
Northridge, CA
The ECRO membrane technology minimizes the scaling and fouling potential of challenging feed waters resulting in enhanced water recovery, and reduced brine generation, reduced footprint.
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University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Center for Inland Desalination Systems (CIDS)
Double-bonus: high-recovery concentrate treatment with salt-free electrodialysis metathesis (EDM)
El Paso, TX
Salt-free EDM produces two very high salinity concentrate streams (enabling >98% system recovery), and the EDM product can be blended with RO product.
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Honorable Mentions

Four additional submissions have been named Honorable Mentions for their solutions.
Applied Membrane Technology Inc.
Vapor recompression-condensation in fouling-resistant hollow-fiber-membrane distillation-based brine concentrator-crystallizer
Minnetonka, MN
RO concentrate will be subjected to vacuum membrane distillation-crystallization in a fouling-resistant hollow-fiber-membrane device aided by vapor recompression and plastic hydrocyclone separator.
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Carollo Engineers, Inc. and UNC Charlotte
Enhanced Concentrate Volume Minimization Through Layered Double Hydroxides Precipitation
Boise, ID
The proposed approach enhances concentrate volume minimization and water recovery from concentrate through the precipitation of dissolved solids as stable layered double hydroxide compounds.
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Crystal Clear
Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) with Integrated Crystal Recovery
Golden, CO
CCRO can reach 16x supersaturation in gypsum or 95% recovery on Yuma feed. Plate-settler recovers gypsum crystals and hydrocyclone on supernatant recycles crystals as seeds.
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Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS) Inc.
Osmotically Assisted Membrane System Concentrate Streams to over 200,000 TDS
Albany, OR
The novel Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis (OsmoARO) membrane systems are proven to concentrate streams to over 200,000 TDS with up to 95% clean water recovery.
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